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 Translator Applications

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PostSubject: Translator Applications   Translator Applications EmptyMon Jun 08, 2009 8:12 am

If you would like to be a translator, please follow the instructions and post your application. Make sure you read this entire post so you know what the responsibilities and expectations are for being a moderator.

Translators are not responsible for their own category, meaning duties are shared between translators. As a result, there will be more translators needed. Translators will not have any special abilities to merge, move, or delete posts/threads. If this needs to be done, translators will notify their respective moderators or the Administrator.

Desired Category:
Languages Read/Spoken (i.e. English/Korean/Chinese, etc):
Why you think you deserve the position of a translator:

Number of Moderators Needed: Five (so apply quick!)
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Translator Applications
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