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 A question regarding Baby's MusicHigh

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A question regarding Baby's MusicHigh Empty
PostSubject: A question regarding Baby's MusicHigh   A question regarding Baby's MusicHigh EmptyFri Aug 14, 2009 10:19 pm

Hi everyone!

I was just curious, I have been downloading Baby's Music High broadcast from Quainte501 and I was wondering if anyone knows of where I could download it with the music that he plays? The one on Quainte is only of his DJ parts (not that I don't mind but I'm highly interested in the music he'd play).

I also follow some JPOP and the radio shows that I download from there generally have the whole show recorded?

I may have just been spoiled that way though Embarassed but! any information would be helpful and definitely appreciated! Very Happy
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A question regarding Baby's MusicHigh
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